Why Tawny Owlets? …..

So how did I end up with Tawny Owlets in the Qube Open exhibition 2017?

Easy, my mum absolutely loves Owls and her house is full of them. To be honest I don’t know when or why it started but at some point in the early years of my childhood she started collecting them and very soon every birthday, Christmas,  celebration and day trip was an opportunity for a new owl.

There are ornaments, cushions, tea towels, mugs, place mats, coasters, pictures, photos, photo frames, jugs, wind chimes, garden ornaments, vases, calender’s, book ends, purses, handbags, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, key rings, fridge magnets, cards, flower pots, clocks, baskets, books,  t shirts, jumpers, a phone cover, chalk board, and I am sure I have missed lots out.

It was a no brainer that I would draw an Owl picture and dedicate it to my mum. But the question then was, what to draw.

Her favorite owls are Barn owls, but I didn’t want to draw another  traditional picture of a barn owl, she has so many, she loves the cute Tawny Owls, but again she has hundreds of images of them in different poses, actually when I came to think about it she has so many images of owls, trying to come up with something she didn’t have was driving me crazy.

And then I heard the title for the Qube Open this year was “New Horizons” and it gave me an idea. I wanted to enter a piece for this years exhibition having missed last years, but didn’t want to do a landscape which would have been the first thing to come to mind.

As a wildlife Artist I was thinking about new life,  opportunities and challenges in the natural world as a perspective on the brief. Watching the birds feeding on my bird table one morning I had a thought. Surely one of the biggest challenges in the natural world’s great challenge is that first,unrehearsed, no safety wires flight that all fledglings make. Wouldn’t a baby bird spend quite a while looking out from it’s lofty home, viewing the horizon to which it will shortly fling itself, as instinct and evolution takes over from common sense?

The answer was absolutely yes and having decided on fledglings looking out of a nest as my approach to this brief it was obvious that it would have to be baby owls. Unfortunately in the name of drawing things that look nice, Tawny Owlets are cuter than Barn Owlets (in my opinion), so  sorry mum, Tawny Owlets it is.

She hasn’t seen the finished picture yet ( she doesn’t do social media), I am waiting until it is framed and ready to go in to the exhibition, but she did see the sketches and seemed to like it, so I am happy with that.

If you want to have a look, please visit the Qube Open exhibition in Oswestry if you can, if not, check out my Gallery page and if you like it, let me know! x

Tawny Owlets for website copyright


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