My first Etsy sale….

So, having just been blogging about my Thistle picture, and its special connection to the time I spent in Edinburgh at the Festival and getting to know my grandma, a lovely thing just happened. I sold my first print from my Etsy site and it turned out to be a print of my Thistle picture.

thistles original no signitureSo, a huge thankyou to my first Etsy customer.

And there it goes again, that thrill and burst of adrenalin, when I find out someone likes something I have drawn so much they are prepared to give me money for it.

As many people who have been part of this journey of mine will testify to, one of my biggest struggles with setting up my “Business” was monetising something I do for love, trying to put a value on my work that involves a price rather than a feeling or sentiment. I think a lot of artists experience this, which is why so many of us are rubbish at turning our talent into a business.

Someone I have a lot of respect for told me a year or so ago, that all taking money for something was, was an exchange of energy, in my case my artwork, and my customers money. My energy has gone into creating my artwork, there’s into creating some money, the only real difference being that the value of money is a more tangible thing than the value of my picture. She said, to view it in this way, rather than thinking of it purely in terms of pounds and pence may help me get over my struggle with putting a price on my pictures.

She was right, it did help make it feel a lot less clinical and as a result I have had another even more incredible revelation.

I love being given money for my pictures, it’s an absolute thrill, a compliment, and a privilege. The fact that someone is prepared to exchange their hard-earned cash for a picture I have drawn is quite an extraordinary feeling, one I hadn’t anticipated and I hope never ends!

Funny old life!

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