I sold a card yea!

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So yesterday was my first day working in the Buy From Shropshire pop up shop in Shrewsbury. Around 15 artist, crafts people, jewellers and creative people have small areas to present and sell their work.

I had some doubts at the beginning of the project, we had three weeks to make it happen and as a newbie to Buy From Shropshire I only knew 2 of the other people  involved.

Add to that until 2 days before the launch event (with mayor present and everything) I had not only not seen my merchandise, but had not seen or mounted my prints or seen my cards! Hence the late nights with labels coming out of my ears.

But we did it and yesterday was my first day as shop assistant, with the lovely Val who makes Jewellery, to keep me company.

I am a complete technophobe so however many times the very patient Anne (who ran the shop selling her beautiful Jewellery before she bravely let us lot in) explained how the till worked, (and oh my god the card machine!) My first sale involved a lot of beeping, paper being ejected from the wrong machine at the wrong time, and very lovely customers smiling patiently as I canceled the sale for the third time before finally being able to open the till and let them give me the £2.50 for the card they had bought!

And then it happened. A couple came in and had a look round and the chap picked up one of my cards and brought it to the till. It was the strangest thing ever. I mumbled something along the lines of “oh that’s one of mine” so into my chin that he obviously had no idea what I said, he paid his £2.50 ( by now I actually got how the till worked) and left.

I  stood there with an enormous grin on my face, feeling like Christmas and birthdays had all come at once, he had bought my card! It cost £2.50, he could have paid £250.00 and it would have felt the same, the thrill of someone buying something I made is amazing whatever is paid for it.

I smiled for the rest of the day and all of the way home, I am actually still smiling now when I think about it.

When you buy something from the person who made it, you give a bit of happiness that means more than the money that you pay from it. Now I really understand why buying from local producers is so amazing.

So looking forward to my next stint in the shop but before that……..

I am off to the local farmers market next weekend to buy my sausages!




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