Best moment in a classroom, ever…

I had a lovely afternoon, visiting my girls school and giving a chat to their classes about being an Artist today. I took some original pictures as well as prints, card and some of my merchandise, mugs, place mats coasters etc.

Great School Day (1)

It felt a million miles away from all of the workshops I have run over the years because sitting at the front of each class, with huge smiles on their faces, were my girls  looking so proud of me.  And for the first time ever  I was talking about my work not anyone elses! After all of the children I have taught over the years and activities I have run, this has to be the most special moment I have spent in a class room ever!

It reminded me of all the different workshops I have run, teaching art and craft activities and of how much I love working with young people, with all their boundless enthusiasm for creativity.

I remember the season I did at the Jackfield Tile Museum,  at Ironbridge Gorge Museum where I taught school groups about how the Victorians made ceramic tiles, and the “tube lining” technique that created beautiful glazed images on the surface. Of course the fun bit was everyone having a go, leaving me with dull looking ceramic tiles, and getting back beautiful shiny colorful tiles that had been through the kiln.

I thought about the  creative activity days I ran at the countryside volunteer center outside Shrewsbury where we taught kids  about the countryside and conservation using art as the learning medium, creating huge banners, collages, wall art, sculptures, a butterfly garden and mini ponds to name but a few.

And of course more recently the years spent working For Andrew Logan at his Museum running all kinds of creative workshops, most recently at the end of May supporting Andrew with workshops in schools on Anglesey as part of the Beaumaris Arts Festival.

I also remember the students who used to come to the Museum from Colleg Powys, to help at the festivals I organised, and all the incredible experiences they had care of Andrew and his amazing friends who worked with us at so many events.

All brilliant experiences, and times that I enjoyed immensely, but none of them came even close to standing in front of my own children, with my own artwork, showing their class mates my pictures and seeing the smiles on their faces as I told the story of my own Artistic journey.


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