An amazing few days…I did it!

What an amazing couple of days I have just had.

On Friday I had a lovely stand in the Buy From Shropshire Shop in Shrewsbury and on Saturday I did my first show with all of my prints, cards and merchandise.

The picture says it all.

Or does it?

Behind the lovely picture was virtually no sleep, a large dose of nerves, butterflies in my tummy as well as on my cards and a huge amount of support, understanding and patience from my partner and kids!

Wednesday I collected my prints cards and merchandise and saw it all for the first time.

All over my sitting room floor!

haymeadow and shop 161


Then I had 20 prints to mount and 2 pictures to Frame. Holly Blue print for the Buy From Shropshire shop, Buttercup Meadow for the Hay Meadow Festival.


haymeadow and shop 095


Thursday was set up time at the shop, only one day to go before it opened. I got most of it done and the opening of the shop on Friday was lovely, even though I was still putting prices on my cards 10 minutes before my chat with the Mayor!


haymeadow and shop 186 (2)crop2


Putting stickers on my merchandise after we got home that night until 11 pm and up at 5 am to finish packing the car, we headed to the Hay Meadow Festival at The Bog by the Stiperstones!



My new mascot Mr Frankton was fairly unimpressed by the early start.  As were we when the sky’s darkened and the wind picked up. My nice new Gazebo turned out not to be as sturdy as we thought ( having had no time to practice putting it up) and with no way of tying down the flapping sides, there was no way of protecting all my lovely newly framed pictures.

I was getting close to tears, when a lovely organiser lady offered me a free space in the Marquee! Thank you for that! it saved the day.


haymeadow and shop 170 (2) crop 4


I have never done this before so working out where to put everything really took some doing. But we did it, and in the end it was amazing.


The picture doesnt say it all but it was worth it in the end!

Everyone I spoke to at the Hay Meadow Festival was lovely, the whole experience was incredible. It was worth every minute of the work I put in to see everything looking so pretty and to have people say such lovely things about my work.

The Bog is just up the road from where I grew up, so I met some very familiar faces from many years ago, including my primary school teacher.

It felt like the perfect place to have my first show, just over the hill from where I first started disappearing for hours with a sketch book to try and capture the beautiful Shropshire countryside I was growing up in.

It was a lovely start to this stage of my Journey as an Artist.

Where next I wonder……


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