Merchandise Epiphany…

Something amazing has happened which has made this whole artistic journey feel a lot more real. A close friend’s partner set up a business printing images on to merchandise, and just to see what it looked like I asked him to put my Dragonfly on a mug, a coaster and a place mat.

OMG I could not believe that my picture was on a thing someone actually might buy and use! The image has copied amazingly, but the thing that stuck me more than anything was that for the first time I felt like a “real” Artist.

Why, I dont know, I have prints of my work and originals both of which I have sold, but somehow seeing my picture on a mug, a basic thing that we all have at home, and that I see when out and about in the shops feels totally different, like I’ve finally made it.

Why, you may ask, did I not think of doing this before as it now seems like a bit of a no brainer, I guess being caught up in the Art side of things I wasn’t really thinking about the business side, and how I could actually use my images on other things I could sell. (ridiculous I know!)

So now I have a huge list of things I can cover with my pictures, from fridge magnets,  and tea towels, to cushions, scarves and chopping boards, a veritable department store of my stuff on stuff. (my partner is desperately trying to reign in my enthusiasm.) So I am very excited to say the least, and am off to find out what else I can put Dragonfly’s on, but in the mean time here are some pictures taken in my girls play house of the things I have so far, sorry the images aren’t better as the colours are so much more vibrant and the detail much better in reality but it gives an idea of what they are like. Am wondering what my Longtailed Tit, Holly Blue, Speckled Wood etc etc etc will look Like! So exciting x


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