Spring Greens….

I had a couple of ideas for my blog this week, but the sparkling weather over the last few days has brought spring here in the UK, finally, and I couldn’t resist celebrating my favourite colour which shows itself off in this season more than any other, Green.

It is generally agreed that we see more shades of green than any other colour. Green being in the middle of the colour spectrum our eye and brain do lots of amazing things none of which I understand and we witness mother nature waking up and spoiling us with seemingly limitless greens to brighten the hedgerows, verges, gardens and fields we share with her.

Many very clever people think it may be because our brain is more attuned to noticing and recognising green due to its central part in out biological evolution as a source of food. I don’t really know about that, what I do know is how spectacular all the greens are this time of the year.

The willow is dressing its self with curling caterpillar like catkins and wispy pale green leaves, the hawthorn is exploding into life, just like pop corn, buds bursting into leaf all over the place, the grass is becoming lush and vibrant after months of gloom, and these bright greens only serve to highlight the dark broody greens of the evergreens that keep us going through the winter months, some green at least better than none.

So out and about with my camera, (ok my phone) I try and capture as many images as possible for future inspiration, and  decide to throw some ink about just for the hell of it, just to mess about with greens. Outside is the best place to play with paint, so I made the most of the sunny weather, with a bit of help from the pup!

I use cling film to get a lovely mottled affect from the inks, this is great fun, kids love it, lots of mess, and once its dried a bit, chuck on some more and have a play!

I will use this as  inspiration for something a bit more considered later! But for now I am just enjoying Spring Greens.


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