Social Media here I come: Baby Owl Preview

So, having taken the plunge and pressed publish, I have now taken the next step in my “marketing” journey, something that someone who spends most of their time shut in a small shed, ( I mean studio) on their own, finds a bit daunting!

I have been reliably informed by EVERYONE that social media is the way to go. Having had one abysmal attempt at opening a Facebook page about 3 years ago, I have never, twitted, instagrammed, snapchatted, Facebooked, or in fact e communicated with anyone, other than friends or family via yahoo.

Until now…..

I think I’m doing ok, although I am still confused by the flashing images and am terrified of pressing the wrong button and doing something stupid!

But if 12 year olds can do it, so can I. I have even started a Facebook business page (with help from techno savvy partner)

Surprisingly it has not been the horrid experience I had feared. So far I have had some lovely things said by good friends, which means a lot, I have caught up with old friend’s I haven’t been in touch with for years which is fantastic, and I can keep in touch with everyone really easily.

Ok, now I get it!

So, I guess I need to take the “I told you so’s” on the chin, and send a belated apology to all the well-meaning friends and family who have encouraged me to overcome my social media phobia in the past. Yea, I did it!

And just to prove it, here’s a preview of a bit of my latest picture of Baby Tawny Owls (look at me using social media as a marketing tool!)


baby owls 206

Apologies for the image quality, I took the pic on my phone.

Let me know what you think so far, more to come soon……..


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