My art’s out there – No place to hide…

Now you can see my art work at last and how do I feel? Terrified.  It doesn’t feel the same as putting work on a gallery wall in my local area, where I am already on first name terms with the gallery owner, where I probably know half the arty types likely to wonder into the gallery, and don’t have to listen to the whispered criticism if I’m not there and leave no comment forms lying around.

It’s not like showing it to friends or family who have spent years telling me how talented I am and what a shame it is I haven’t done more with that talent, who will always say nice things about my work, or at worst cushion the blow of a negative opinion with an “I love you though” at the end.

It’s out there for the world to see, and what happens if you don’t like it? Or as my partner always says, “what happens if they do?”  Or worse, what if you just don’t care or don’t notice! This is what I have been working towards for years, getting my work digitised (a whole other story) printed and available to sell to a wider audience, and now I want to take my pen and paper and hide myself away from the world in my studio.

But then I reflect on the things I regularly say to my kids, about not being afraid, about following their dreams, about doing something they love – whatever anyone else says and I feel a bit ashamed of myself.

So, here goes it’s here for you to see, I will try and think of witty, interesting or meaningful things to write about in future blogs, overcome my dislike of social media and my self doubt about my artistic ability. I will not fret over negative comments, or get downhearted if I don’t sell anything very quickly. I will feel good about the fact that I finally made this happen, and will set a good and positive example to my children. I will let the World Wide Web have my pictures and try not to lock myself in my studio without a screen for too long.

Good luck to anyone else about to press publish and send their dreams into the ether, you are not alone out there with “No place to hide!”

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